All Australia Photo Competition

All Australian Photo Competition 2018

Let us know who you think should win the Ayrshire Photo Competition this year and see how close you come to our Official Judges.
The judges this year are:

Stuart Williams (UK)
Bianca Foley (CAN)
Derek Hayward (NZ)

Please enter a number beside each photo starting from 1 for the cow that you feel is the best in it's class.

For a closer look at each photo just click on the photo to increase the size.

Competition closes 7th January 2019 so hurry and enter.

Competition results will be posted on the web site once judging is complete and presentations made at International Dairy Week.

Class 1, Heifer dry 6 months and under
Class 2, Heifer dry 12 months and under
Class 3, Heifer dry 18 months and under
Class 4, Heifer dry 24 months and under
Class 5, Heifer under 36 months dry (NB There is no class for this in the World Competition)
Class 6, Heifer 2 years old in milk
Class 7, Cow 3 years
Class 8, Cow 4 years
Class 9, Cow 5 years
Class 10, Cow 6 and 7 years
Class 11, Cow 8 years and over
Class 12, All Australian Youth class
Class 13, Ayrshire unhaltered
Class 14, Herd Scene
Class 15, Character shot

And finally about you

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