2018 All Guernsey Photographic Competition

2018 All Guernsey Photographic Competition

Let us know who you think should win the Guernsey Photo Competition this year.

Please enter a number beside each photo starting from 1 for the cow that you feel is the best in it's class.

For a closer look at each photo just click on the photo to increase the size.

Competition closes 10th January  2019 so hurry and enter.

Class 1 - Cow born before 1/1/2013
Class 2 - Cow born during 2013
Class 3 - Cow born during 2014
Class 4 - Cow born during 2015
Class 5 - Cow born since 1/1/2016 (milk)
Class 6 - Heifer born since 1/1/2016 (uncalved)
Class 7 - Heifer born since 1/1/2017

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